“The curriculum and staff were highly engaging and made learning about birds exciting and fun. Students also learned valuable skills in observing, researching, and note-taking which can be applied to many curriculum areas. The Bird School Project is a terrific, hands-on, environmental education program.”
— 5th grade teacher, Bradley Elementary School

“I really liked the life science unit most notably for giving students relevant skills they can apply to the rest of their life: keeping a field journal entry, questioning and hypothesizing, observing closely, enjoying nature, learning to identify birds.”
— 7th grade science teacher, Aptos Junior High School

“I thought it was great! It gave the students a chance to really explore the natural world around them. I think oftentimes people take what’s right around them for granted, so this gave them a chance to slow down and notice!”
— 5th grade teacher, Bay View Elementary

“You presented an enriching program that allowed students to look at the world around them in a new light.”
— 7th grade science teacher, New Brighton Middle School

“Everything was wonderful. Efficient, organized, professional, positive and extremely friendly!”
— 5th grade teacher, Bradley Elementary School