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As a dynamic environmental education organization, we are available for a variety of work arrangements and want to work with you and support you.


The BSP life science unit

This is our flagship program and our most common group of lessons. Our Bird School Project life science unit is a customized, hands-on, inquiry-based journey for your class. It is the perfect way to begin or close a year of studying life sciences. Over four weeks, we will visit your class weekly to go outside and explore the world through the lens of birds and habitats we encounter on our walks. This unit incorporates both classroom time and outside time, with an emphasis on making observations outside. In addition, we incorporate follow up lesson plans for teachers, monitoring projects for classes, and fun take-home missions that allow students to build their knowledge of birds on their own, from week to week. Fill out our program request form to save your spot on the calendar!


Single Day workshops

Do you have a community group, after school program, or outdoor school staff that could use some fun and informative bird experiences? We have 50 pairs of binoculars, a library of field guides, spotting scopes, and knowledgeable staff. Hire us for a custom day-long workshop and get into birding now!


educator workshops

With over 10 years of facilitating outdoor experiences for students of all ages, we are excited about sharing our findings and best practices with other educators. Our teacher trainings give teachers a strong foundation for their own natural history skills and show how to facilitate experiential outdoor routines for students. We also guarantee a fun and memorable experience for all, along with a supportive follow-up program.



Do you have some other creative way you think you could incorporate birding, natural history, or habitat restoration? Let us know! We have led bike tours, community events, and birthday parties and are always excited to come up with even more ways to weave fun outdoor learning experiences into daily life.

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