Seven Day Lead-up

Here’s an easy planning guide plan to help support BSP’s Giving Day. Please note that the following aren’t commandments, just suggestions to make supporting the Bird School Project as easy as possible! This is all about telling a story. Your community wants to know, why are you involved with this organization?

 Wednesday, May 22nd - One Week Out

Your message: Heads up - I’ll be participating in the BSP Giving Day in seven days!

Social Media: Change your profile and/or header images to promote BSP Giving Day. This action helps your followers be clued into the campaign. Also please add the link to our BSP event page. Post this link on each platform you use (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to reach your entire audience.

Sign up for the Facebook event and spread the word to your friends: BSP Giving Day Facebook Event

Email: Send an email to your community to announce that you will be fundraising next Wednesday and need their support. Tell them about the BSP campaign goals and impact. You can even give donors the option to be an ambassador like you!

Weekend Before - Sat/Sun of Memorial Day Weekend

Your message: Giving Day is getting close! Get excited! Help us reach our $10,000 goal to help kids love, study, and steward their local environment.

Social Media: Re-post the posts we share on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account, or add your own twist using the teacher quote graphics below. You can also find these in the shared google folder:

Tuesday, May 28th - The Day Before

Your Message: Tomorrow is BSP Giving Day! This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of local kids while helping the environment. Help us reach our goal for this important cause.

Social Media: Re-share the Facebook post we share on this day!

Sample messages:

Are you ready for #bspgivingday? @birdschoolproject’s annual fundraiser kicks off TOMORROW! Consider giving $10, $15 or any amount you feel comfortable with. No amount is, “too small.” Head to www.birdschoolproject to support our ongoing goal of inspiring students to love, study, and steward their local environment.

Wednesday, May 29th - Giving Day!

Message: It’s Giving Bird School Project Giving Day! Join me and send your gift in now!

Social Media: Remember to use #birdschoolproject and/or #bspgivingday hashtags when posting about Giving Day. You can also tag us in posts as @birdschoolproject. We want to hear your shout-outs and for your friends and network to join the fun. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll be retweeting or sharing messages!

Sample messages:

Join me in celebrating #bspgiving day, a fundraising event for @birdschoolproject. Donate and make an impact at

Today’s the day! Go to and help kids connect to nature #bspgivingday

Email: Send an email to your community. Give an authentic pitch - why is connecting youth with nature important to you? What should we have things like Bird School Project available to students at school?