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Here is where you will find all of the forms, surveys, and welcome materials for our program. If you are interested in hosting our program, please fill out the program request form below and send us an e-mail to alert us. If you are already working with us, check out the various lessons at the end of the list. Is there something missing from this list that would be helpful? Let us know how we can help.

Program request form: Please fill this out if you are a teacher hoping to have us visit your class/school this spring.

Teacher welcome packet: Please read over this brief introductory information if you are a new teacher that we are scheduled to be working with.

Internship welcome packet: This is orientation material for all new interns and volunteers to read over before the beginning of your time working with us.

We ask that a photo release form be filled out for every student or class we work with. Some teachers maintain an overarching photo release form for each class but some teachers will need to get a signed release from a parent or guardian of each student. These forms are required before our unit begins. 

Photo release form (spanish)

Photo release form (individual)

Teacher Curriculum Binder: This is a compilation of lesson plans from BSP, The BEETLES Project, and John Muir Laws. When you open the folder, read the introductory letter so you know your way around. Facilitate these lessons for your students and let us know how it goes!

Student pre-visit survey-Spring 2017
Student post-visit survey- Spring 2017

Teacher Feedback Form

Note: If a form is missing a link, it is because we are not currently accepting responses on that form or because we are still working on perfecting it.